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About Sri Dhanjanki Agro

About Sri Dhanjanki Agro

We are manufacturer of natural products and we deal in ethical business.

Our aim is to serve the world with high quality natural and chemical free products so that it can help everyone with HEALTHY life. Our products are manufactured in clean and hygienic environment without using any chemicals.

Sri Dhanjanki Agro is an Indian company belongs to a farmer family, who have been in farming for more than 20 decades. Sri Dhanjanki deals with manufacturing and export of high quality;
  • Cold pressed Virgin Edible oils
  • Cold pressed Virgin Carrier oils
  • Essential oils
  • Grains
  • Natural Spices
  • Fruits and Vegetables.
At Sri Dhanjanki Agro we make cold-pressed virgin oils through the traditional Indian technique of cold pressing. Our essential oils are produced using steam distillation method. We make grain from the crops those are grown in our agricultural land. Additionally, we have good contact with local farmers for purchasing quality grains, which are then graded and stored appropriately to avoid any damage/ contamination. We grow few spices and vegetables in our farm land and we avoid use of pesticide / insecticide for these spice and vegetable crops. Also, with the help of local farmers, we supply good quality vegetables and fruits to various markets.

We are committed to provide best quality natural products, which meets or exceeds customer expectation.
Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

The quality of our oils is our top priority and we leave no stone unturned in manufacturing process to ensure that our customers get high quality, pure and chemical free oils. Our oils comply to global standards including food & safety standards laid by FSSAI.

We test oil samples of each batch/ lot to check the quality of our oils and ensure that various food safety standard are met before shipping the products.
Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Customer first: The customer comes first, everything else follows
Respect: All individuals should be treated with dignity and respect their opinion
Commitment : Delivering on Promises
Integrity: Believe in honesty, transparency and ethical business practices
Team work: Co-operation and willingness to help each other
Our Founder

Our Founder

Our founder belongs to a farmer family, who grown up playing in the soil on the farm. Ancestors had been doing farming for more than 20 decades and same tradition is being continued but with innovative idea and scientific rationale.

He has noticed that health of humans is greatly affected by the use of products readily available in the market for e.g. refined edible oil which have chemicals and preservative. Similarly, inadequate quality of grains, spices, fruits, vegetables are sold in the market which affects the health and leads to various lifestyle disorders.
Influenced by this, he thought of doing business with natural products for better health.

He always believes that health is the only wealth because if health is not there how wealth can be enjoyed.

Our founder thought of business not just to earn the money but also to serve the society with the pure and natural products.
He faced multiple challenges of varying levels, but always stood over values.


To become one of the leading company in the world for supplying natural products for better health.


To provide best quality products with constant innovations for healthy life.
Why Us

Why Us?

Because quality matters a lot for us. The starting materials are sourced through qualified suppliers only. Supplier selection at Sri Dhanjanki itself is a comprehensive process, which undertakes through different stages; Selection of vendors, evaluation of vendor through vendor qualification questionnaire, overall repute of vendor, samples evaluation etc. Thus, good quality starting materials are utilized for natural virgin oils, essential oils, grains, spices, fruits and vegetables.

A high level of hygiene and cleanliness are maintained throughout the process starting from the receipt of raw material to the packaging and dispatch of finished products. This way we ensure that our products remains absolutely pure and free from any contamination.
Bottom line:
  • Prompt deliveries and customer satisfaction is our top priority
  • Best quality products with genuine price
  • Customer feedback to identify any scope of improvement

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